Omar Yunes

CEO at 54D

"Omar Yunes has a proven philosophy and a passion for helping others achieve actual outcomes. CEO Omar Yunes and 54D alumnus Garduo teamed up to bring the concept to Miami. A $100 billion global economy is at threat, according to Yunes.
Yunes discovered 54D in Mexico City six years ago. No gym for me, I wanted to grow fitter and healthier. I had to get back in shape after a marathon injury. Someone told me about a secret project. An email asking for more details. Then I was interviewed to determine my intentions and expectations.”

So did Yunes and many others. He spotted an opening. Yunes, a restaurant owner and real estate investor, joined Garduo in 2016.
“He's an athlete with vision, desire, and drive, and I have business experience,” Yunes said of Garduo. “I began as an investor. I bought out his Mexican partners in 2018 and became CEO. The Miami facility launched in February 2019 following eleven months of planning with Coral Cables.
Yunes says 54D's high-intensity, no-excuses training program and lifestyle are changing lives. No new member sweats when they make this promise. Those who wish to join the 150-180 other devotees are interviewed to discover their goals.
“We deliver,” Yunes said. “We must state that early. True goals are essential. Women can shed up to 22% body fat and males up to 33%. “More isn't.”
Interview establishes four-year cycle and time slot. This ensures consistency and structure in training. Yunes stated that the 54D brand is distinguished by strong bonds formed through mutual support.
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